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Ultragirl Sakura Brave Hero Form by AnimeArtist154ever Ultragirl Sakura Brave Hero Form :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 7 32 Ultragirl Naomi's Victory Pose by AnimeArtist154ever Ultragirl Naomi's Victory Pose :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 6 2 It's Ultrawoman Ladybug by AnimeArtist154ever It's Ultrawoman Ladybug :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 12 2 Kisaragi's Protector Ultrawoman Ayumi by AnimeArtist154ever Kisaragi's Protector Ultrawoman Ayumi :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 10 2 Yoshiki and Ayumi in Sonic Style by AnimeArtist154ever Yoshiki and Ayumi in Sonic Style :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 8 2 Naomi Nakashima Sonic Version by AnimeArtist154ever Naomi Nakashima Sonic Version :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 5 4 Monster Sentai Pokiger by AnimeArtist154ever Monster Sentai Pokiger :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 4 52 Ib's Adventure Outfit by AnimeArtist154ever Ib's Adventure Outfit :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 10 4 Ultragirl Shima Shita's Fighting Stance by AnimeArtist154ever Ultragirl Shima Shita's Fighting Stance :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 8 4 Ultragirl Mina Rai's Fighting Stance by AnimeArtist154ever Ultragirl Mina Rai's Fighting Stance :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 8 2
The Giant Protector GTS/GT/Shrink RP
Story/Plot: "You and me are walking home from work after a long day then a evil enemy appears beginning to take over the city for it's riches but that's when giant footsteps are heard causing the enemy to feel a trembling earthquake on the ground but as you or me look with relief know that you or me have a protector to protect the city from evil threats who will take over the city and cause chaos but who is the giant protector of the city whose persona is heroic and never gives up or cower in fear? well then let's find out as this prompt is about to be fufilled!"
Female Characters with a Heroic Persona:
A) Mina Rai
B) Shima Shita
C) Sakura Kasugano
D) Other Female Characters with a Heroic Persona
Male Characters with a Heroic Persona:
A) Budo Masuta
B) Other Male Characters with a Heroic Perso
:iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 9 64
Ultragirl Sakura in The City by AnimeArtist154ever Ultragirl Sakura in The City :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 4 40 Akedemi's Elemental Heroes by AnimeArtist154ever Akedemi's Elemental Heroes :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 10 197
Giant Mecha Seiko Corpse Party Mecha AU RP
Story/Plot: "In the future city of Tokyo there are villainous forces from other universes that want to destroy or take over the world but there is only one hope for mankind to stop those threats from conquering earth and it's Kisaragi Academy Mecha Hero Warrior Seiko Shinohara who is piloted by Naomi Nakashima together with their strength, determination and valor they can accomplish to save the earth from the dark forces the threats from the other planets and such more evil forces will come in many different forms and powers but will they save the world and Tokyo from the evil threats? well then let's find out as the Mecha Anime Alternate Universe RP of Corpse Party is about to be told."
No 18+
No Sexual Content
Action and Adventure Missions allowed
Other Mechas Allowed
Enjoy the Mecha AU RP
:iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 1 0
Ultrawoman Ayumi and Ultraman Mebius by AnimeArtist154ever Ultrawoman Ayumi and Ultraman Mebius :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 4 28 The Two Sides of Ultrawoman Ladybug by AnimeArtist154ever The Two Sides of Ultrawoman Ladybug :iconanimeartist154ever:AnimeArtist154ever 6 34


Ultragirl Blake the Faunus heroine
In Vale. Ultragirl Blake takes a stroll.
Ultragirl Blake: this is cool.
Yang: indeed girl.
Ultragirl Blake: i'm a cool Ultragirl now.
Yang: you're the only Faunus who can transform in Ultragirl.
Ultragirl Blake: indeed.
They see Mercury stealing a purse. Ultragirl Blake grabs him.
Yang: you're gonna stay behind bars.
Ultragirl Blake: that's right. (throws Mercury to jail) take that!
Yang: nice throw Blake.
Ultragirl Blake: (smiles) thanks Yang.
Yang: i can't wait to see the faces of Ruby and Weiss when they see you as an Ultra, Blake.
Blake: it sounds fun.
In the White Fang base.
Adam: we'll destroy Vale to make our message clear to the humans that Faunus are superior!
White Fang Goons: yeaah!!!
Adam: the White Fang will make our race supreme beings!
White Fang Goons: yeah!!
White Fang Lieutenant: sir. What about the traitor Blake?
Adam: i'll destroy her, and her friends will suffer.
White Fang Lieutenant: i can't wait to kill a Schnee to make an example to the Schnee Dust Company.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 2 26
Mall Santa trouble
In a court.
Judge: in your highly dubious and incoherent story to remind you that you blew up an evil base because you believe there's evil santas trying to take over the world?
Robin: you damn right it is. I blew it up to save the Earth from an invasion.
Judge: are you certain that this is the truthful version of the events that brought you and your accomplices here today?
Robin: indeed.
Xashin: why are we here Megatron 2?
Megatron 2: your friend hired us as his legal counsel.
Xashin: that's true.
Robin: yes your honor, i swear that is exactly what happend?
Judge: fine. It will surprise you that the bomb did not detonate the evil base which is abandoned but in fact blew up a Mall Santa training facility and since you failed to identify any of your co-conspirators, you will be sentenced to.
Robin: whoa-ho-ho. Nobody told me to name names. See my metal lawyer next to my shapeshifting friend? He masterminded the whole thing?
Megatron 2: what?!!! (strangles Robin) i'm going to kill y
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 3 20
Ultragirl Shima saves New York.
In New York. Ultragirl Shima takes a stroll.
Ultragirl Shima: cool monuments.
RED Soldier: check this. (destroys a TIE Fighter with a rocket launcher)
Ultragirl Shima: cool.
RED Soldier: thanks.
Ultragirl Shima: no problem. I can be so amazing.
RED Soldier: yup.
She sees a thief stealing a car and grabs it.
Ultragirl Shima: you're gonna stay behind bars.
RED Soldier: nope. (snaps the thief's neck, killing him)
Ultragirl Shima: soldier! What's wrong with you!
RED Soldier: this filthy low life doesn't deserve a second chance.
Ultragirl Shima: if you say so.
In a BLU lab.
BLU Medic: my newest invention will work!
BLU Heavy: which one?
BLU Medic: with the monster matic 4000, i will rule America!! (laughs madly)
BLU Heavy: cool. Which monster are you gonna make?
BLU Medic: bask in my genius Heavy!
The machine begins working and a moth kaiju appears roaring.
BLU Heavy: cool.
BLU Medic: attack America! (the monster eats his glove) hey!
The moth kaiju chases the duo who flees, grows out of the
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 4 70
Giga Mermaid and Giga Dryad
In Mermaid Falls.
Mermaid: and i caught a crab with my tail.
Mermaid 2: sounds awesome.
They see Giga Dryad and Gaia.
Giga Dryad: greetings mermaids.
Mermaid: wow. A big Dryad.
Gaia: yup. We're new here.
Mermaid 2: yup.
Giga Dryad: i like to speak with your queen.
Mermaid: sure.
Mermaid 2: she sleeps in her lake.
Gaia: (sees the golden bell) that can wake her up. (rings it)
Giga Mermaid wakes up and swims to the surface.
Giga Mermaid: (yawns) what a nice nap. (sees Giga Dryad) hello.
Giga Dryad: greetings. I'm Giga Dryad. Queen of the dryads.
Giga Mermaid: i'm Giga Mermaid. Queen of the mermaids.
Gaia: i'm Gaia. The Dryad Queen's herald.
Giga Mermaid: you're a cute girl to me.
Gaia: (smiles) thanks.
Giga Dryad: i'm glad that you welcome me.
Giga Mermaid: that's what friends do.
Shantae: hey girls.
Giga Dryad and Giga Mermaid: hey Shantae!
Shantae: wow. Two giga queens. Amazing.
Giga Dryad: yup.
Giga Mermaid: we're ready to be friends.
Shantae: indeed.
Later. In the Village of the Lost.
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 85
May's adventure
In the ocean.
May: i am the water element Summoner and can summon any elemental of water. (sees dolphins making saltos) hmm what's my mission.
A mermaid gives her a message in a bottle.
May: oh. (opens it and reads the paper) it says i have to go to Mermaid Falls. Okay.
In Mermaid Falls.
Mermaid: our jump off a cliff is great.
Mermaid 2: i know right.
May: hey.
Mermaid: welcome.
May: i'm May.
Mermaid 2: you want to speak with our queen?
May: yes.
Mermaid: she's relaxing.
Giga Mermaid: the water makes me calm.
May: hey your highness.
Giga Mermaid: oh hey May.
May: i'm here.
Giga Mermaid: indeed. Can you do something for me?
May: (smiles) sure.
Giga Mermaid: bring the jewel of sea to me. It's precious and nice.
May: okay.
Shantae appears in mermaid form.
Shantae: hey May.
May: hey Shantae.
Shantae: we're ready for adventure.
The girls go to a temple.
May: amazing.
Shantae: it has artifacts of the sea. Wait. (throws a rock at a floor which activates an arrow trap) we must be car
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 87
Spy with the suitcase 1
Episode 1: The first assignment! Alliance with the law!
Choppy Tink as Eliot Snap
Pinoko as Sam First
Sapphire as Vivian Sparks
ELIOT (Narrating): My name is Eliot Snap. And this is the story of how it begins. Originally, I was a preschooler. Then I met my love of my life. Samantha First. We play together, we have fun together. It's love for the first sight. However, things have changed. When we are in Elementary School in Silver Town, she got always A in all of the tests while I always got B. Sometimes I'm happy with her, sometimes I'm not. The devotion we have together is limited. Well, that was my complain, but something extraordinary has happened. After the final ring of the school bell, Sam is going with her friends for ice-cream while I'm going home with the head down. Suddenly, I heard a car crush. I went there to see the scene of the crime. It was a wounded stranger holding a suitcase. It is a silver plated suitcase. He told me to take care of it and guard it with my life. I sa
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 2 31
comedian duo competition
Kiyui as Bill Bonkers
Tatsuya Kaname as Will Fortune
Guest Star
Yang Xiao Long as herself
Muscle Man as himself
Special Guest star
Pedro as Jonathan Thumb
The comedian duo competition is about to end. Yang and Muscle Man are close to finish and the audience laugh. Jonathan is the judge of the Comedy Community.
JONATHAN: Looks like you're near to make me laugh. Funny.
YANG: Thank you, judge.
MUSCLE MAN: And you know who lays an egg?
The audience laugh and Jonathan giggles. 
JONATHAN: Good one. Now the final duo. Bill Bonkers and Will Fortune.
The young duo appear and the audience applaud.
WILL: Thank you, thank you. How do you do? This is Bill and Will.
BILL: How do you do?
WILL: Blimey! We're in the finals! This is lovely.
BILL: Cool. It's a like dream, isn't it?
WILL: It is.
BILL: It is. Hey, speaking of dreams, I've always had a bit of a dream of myself, you know.
WILL: Oh, nice. Nice link, man.
BILL: What I'm sayi
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 4 50
Ultrawoman Satsuki vs Ultrawoman Ragyo
In a cave. Two archaeologists sees a statue.
Archaeologist: a statue?
Archaeologist 2: according to legend. An evil Ultrawoman named Ultrawoman Ragyo is imprisoned as a statue by Ultrawoman Satsuki.
Archaeologist: at least she remains trapped.
An earthquake trembles and the statue rolls, breaking it and frees Ultrawoman Ragyo.
Ultrawoman Ragyo: i'm free at last!
Archaeologist: we're screwed!
In a base.
General Ironhand: today is a good day.
Anime: general. I have good news and bad news.
General Ironhand: what's the good news?
Anime: good news is that kittens are popular.
General Ironhand: and what's the bad news?
Anime: a new evil Ultra has awakened!
General Ironhand: that sounds bad. Any idea?
Anime: i have an idea!
General Ironhand: what is it?
Anime: we can ask the help of an Ultra Heroine?
General Ironhand: who?
Anime: Ultrawoman Satsuki!
General Ironhand: are you sure? She's evil?
Anime: no she's a hero.
General Ironhand: you can go, girl.
Anime: (smiles) thanks General.
General I
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 7 71
Case 1 the case of the missing pork
Pedro as Jonathan Thumb
Joey Wheeler as Jack Rodgers
Tristan Taylor as Tuck Hammers
Minoru Shiraishi as Doug Lockers
Wattson as Cecil Antony Theodore Melchett
Special Guest Star
Diane as herself
In NYPD where one of the officers has lost not only his temper but also his confidence.
DOUG: What are you talking about?
JACK: He's talking about... (ironical saying) The always winning kiddo.
TUCK: That maniac always solved the cases, but this time we have a plan.
JACK: A plan? I didn't know that.
TUCK: We'll follow him and once he solves his case, we snatch his glory under his nose.
DOUG: I hope we have insurance for this.
In the commandant's office...
TED: Well done, Junior it appears that you did magnificent. I'm impressed.
JONATHAN (giggles): Yeah, you could say that again.
TED: Here's a mission that only the freelance police can solve it.
JONATHAN: The freelance cop is... me.
TED: Here it is.
Jonathan re
:iconmentalhunter:mentalhunter 3 11
Giga Dryad and Shantae
In the Dryad Paradise.
Giga Dryad: it feels great since we made peace with others.
Gaia: indeed your highness.
Giga Dryad: i'm relaxed and kind to my friends.
Gaia: indeed.
Shantae appears.
Gaia: hey Shantae.
Shantae: hey Dryads.
Giga Dryad: hey half-genie girl.
Shantae: hey your highness.
Giga Dryad: how's Scuttle Town.
Shantae: great.
Bolo appears.
Bolo: wow. Dryad girls.
Shantae: indeed Bolo.
Bolo: hello. I'm Bolo. Hero for hire.
Dryad girl: you're funny to me bro.
Bolo: thanks.
Dryad 2: we can give you a massage.
Bolo: sounds great.
Shantae: i see Bolo is charmed by your subjects.
Giga Dryad: (giggles and smiles) indeed. He's cool for a block-head hero for hire.
Shantae: indeed. He's my friend.
Giga Dryad: wanna hang out in my Paradise?
Shantae: (smiles) sure.
In an Orc camp.
Orc Warrior: we had enough of the genie's meddling!
Orc Warrior 2: yeah. Let's trash her stupid town and her friends!
Orc Commander: the time of our victory is at hand!
The Orcs cheer.
Rottytops: cool Orc
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 7 116
Emilia and Basara
In a planet. A ship lands in a warehouse. Basara steps out. Emilia Jenius sees him.
Emilia: hey Basara.
Basara: hey Emilia girl.
Emilia: hows your mission?
Basara: great. I have relocated the village into a safe part of the galaxy. Also i have something for you sweetie.
Emilia: really? What's that?
Basara: this. (shows her a red diamond)
Emilia: (picks the diamond) that's so sweet. (hugs Basara) thank you Basara.
Basara: you're welcome. I'm just wondering if you can go on a date with me?
Emilia: (smiles) sure. I like you very much.
Pedro: hey Basara.
Basara: yes little man?
Pedro: can i go with you?
Basara: sorry kid. It's a date. Just mind your own business.
Pedro: okay. (plays with toys)
Emilia: let's get this date started.
Emilia and Basara starts their date. They hang out in a planet with amazing cities, eat in a restaurant, dances in a disco party and watches a movie in drive-in theaters.
Basara: our date is romantic.
Emilia: i know right.
Basara: the part where i took a selfie wi
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 7 147
Request WIP by kowaiotaku Request WIP :iconkowaiotaku:kowaiotaku 5 0
Shantae meets Giga Dryad
In a jungle.
Uncle Mimic: this is a good moment for research.
Professor James: i know right. We can learn more of this jungle.
Uncle Mimic: indeed. We can learn more of the Dryads who live there. (gets wrapped by vines and dragged) help!!!
Professor James: Mimic!!
In Scuttle Town. Shantae fights against two Orcs.
Shantae: (whips them with her ponytail) and don't you dare stealing a cake!
Orc warrior: we'll get you for this genie brat!
The Orcs leaves and the people cheers.
Shantae: thank you. Those Orcs won't steal cakes anymore.
Sky: i hope this peace will last long.
Professor James: Shantae!
Shantae: yes Professor James?
Professor James: my colleague Mimic is attacked by Dryads!
Shantae: Dryads?
Professor James: half human half plant. I and Mimic were researching on a new forest but suddenly a vine grabs him.
Shantae: i have to save him! Show me the way.
Professor James: be careful with the Dryads, perhaps we can learn more of them.
Shantae: okay then.
Sky: i wish you good luck
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 7 65
Giant Jedi girls
In a planet's orbit. 5 Repulic star destroyers exits hyperspace. 60 gunships enters the world's surface and lands.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: this planet seems perfect.
Anakin: yup. Ahsoka and Aayla wanted to meet us in this place.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: this place looks beautiful. Forests, full of life and wonders.
The Jedi Generals sees a stonewall surrounded by a pair of waterfalls.
Commander Cody: sir. The coordinates stopped here.
Anakin: that's odd. Ahsoka and Aayla aren't there. Where are they?
Obi-Wan Kenobi: i don't know. Something must be wrong.
The stone structure rumbles and the stonewall was lifted into the air and reveals an entrance.
Anakin: this is amazing.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: indeed. Cody, Rex. Secure the entrance.
Captain Rex: copy that sir.
Commander Cody: yes sir!
The Jedi goes inside the cave.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: that's strange. Why would Aayla and Ahsoka want to meet us here?
Anakin: who knows. (his scanner beeps) the scanner points that something or someone's coming.
Obi-Wan Kenobi: what
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 12 101
Ultrawoman Ryuko saves Tokyo
In Tokyo. Ultrawoman Ryuko takes a stroll.
Ultrawoman Ryuko: this city is cool Mako.
Mako: indeed Ryuko.
Ultrawoman Ryuko: we can do what we want here.
Mako: (smiles) yeah.
Ultrawoman Ryuko: (sees a thief and grabs him) you won't win! (throws him in jail)
Thief: aw come on!
Mako: nice throw Ryuko.
Ultrawoman Ryuko: thanks Mako.
Mako: i'm sure anyone can be cool.
Ultrawoman Ryuko: indeed.
In a forest.
Cave guard: halt!
Cave guard 2: who goes there!
They're petrified to stone by Medusa Thea.
Medusa Thea: men, always arrogant.
Pythor: this cave has something what we want.
Sarah Senia: perhaps a special plant.
Extroyer: (smashes the petrified guards in pieces) something to extroy!
Toxzon: or a toxic waste cans.
Snide: i hope it's worth of walking here.
Medusa Thea: calm yourself Snide, it isn't so hard going there.
4 Anacondrai warriors guards the entrance while the Green Team enters the cave and sees Ultrawoman Nui sleeping.
Pythor: that is why we're here.
Sarah Senia: she's sound asleep
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 80
Eliza's visit to Undersea Base
In Undersea Base.
RED Medic: marine creatures are fascinating!
RED Spy: mythical sea creatures are marvelous doc.
In the bridge.
Military member: sir we have reading of a giant creature coming to Undersea Base.
General Flow: is it a monster?
Military member: it is a mermaid but a big one.
Later. Eliza appears in the mermaid pool.
Eliza: hello.
General Flow: greetings. What is your name?
Eliza: i'm Eliza. Queen of my mermaid kingdom.
General Flow: i'm General Flow.
Eliza: greetings general. The base has anything.
Colonel Anderson: that is correct ma'am.
Eliza: yay. May i live here.
Colonel Anderson: you can stay as long as you want.
Eliza: thanks for be generous.
General Flow: it's what we can do.
In RED Medic's lab.
RED Medic: another successful procedure. (makes a potion which makes plants grow) amazing.
RED Engineer: amazing doc. You can restores forests back to normal.
RED Medic: indeed my friend.
RED Engineer: that can make people happy.
Eliza: what do you call an underwater
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 5 71


it looks cute and I like the stripes red boots and even the blue hair color very well done and further more the pink bow, red shoes, co...



Book Cover for Madgie, what did you do XXVI by AkaiChounokoe Book Cover for Madgie, what did you do XXVI :iconakaichounokoe:AkaiChounokoe 3 1 My school day by Summermist13 My school day :iconsummermist13:Summermist13 1 15 FR - Flamecaller by neondragon FR - Flamecaller :iconneondragon:neondragon 4,986 248 Can I SQUIRTLE on your Pink JIGGLYPUFFS? by RJAce1014 Can I SQUIRTLE on your Pink JIGGLYPUFFS? :iconrjace1014:RJAce1014 553 108 Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg19 by AkirasArtWorld Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg19 :iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 16 37 Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg18 by AkirasArtWorld Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg18 :iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 22 40 Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg17 by AkirasArtWorld Mini Chere Love Ch2 pg17 :iconakirasartworld:AkirasArtWorld 20 56 Metal and Stone by neondragon Metal and Stone :iconneondragon:neondragon 4,390 281
Mina and Shima Ultraman Mebius and Hikari *Request by Firepaws247 Special Thanks to Firepaws247 for making this illustration 


Story: "After the two Geos Geo Betty and Geo Chara possessed Nemesis and Megami turning the two into evil warriors Ultrawoman Geo Megami and Ultragirl Geo Nemesis but there is only one hope to stop this reign of evil created by the Geos and their evil powers Ultragirl Sakura teams up with the four team heroes Akedemi Sentai Sakurager aka Power Rangers Akedemi Force as well as a few others they then proceeded with their mission rescue Ultrawoman Megami and Ultragirl Nemesis from the two evil Geos power and save the earth and the universe from their grasp itself! but will the heroes save the entire universe from the Geos and their powerful forces well let's find out as this story is about to be told with all the Tokusatsu Series teaming up to fight the underground threat."

Battle Music: 
  • Listening to: 【J-Electro】 ゆかっ
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Anime
  • Playing: Sonic
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing


AnimeArtist154ever's Profile Picture
Anime the Touhoumon
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
The 20th Pokedex Holder of the Kanto Region of Viridian City and Touhoumon Master


USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design JP Language Level stamp2 by Faeth-design Stamp: Can't love cartoon char by Riza-Izumi Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey :thumb422774522: Sock Puppet Accounts are STUPID by SansTheTroll Stamp request: Ayumi and Yoshiki by MintStarMari I love drawing - Stamp by MarcosPower1996

Favorite Crossover couple: (Request) SakuyaXGary Stamp by KittyJewelpet78

Greatest Team known to everyone: :star: Team 9 stamp by Zerebos :star:


Ultragirl Sakura Brave Hero Form
so Today I drew Ultragirl Sakura better known as Sakura Kasugano in her new form Brave Hero form and her new design is based on her new design in Street Fighter 5 which is pretty amazing but she'll fight bad guys and even Shadloo and kaiju with her powers and her ability to fuse with past present and future Ultra Heroes and Ultra Heroines 

:iconsakurakasuganoplz: belongs to Capcom

Ultra Series belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

Programs used MS Paint and GIMP

Artwork by :iconanimeartist154ever:
Kisaragi's Protector Ultrawoman Ayumi
Today I drew Ultrawoman Ayumi (also known as Ayumi Shinozaki) standing in Kisaragi City being the city's protector and sentinel here she is ready to fight all evil monsters cosmic monsters and bad guys who will try to destroy Kisaragi City and the world.

Ayumi Chat Emotion [4]  belongs to Team Gris Gris, 5pb., XSeed Games and Marvelous AQL.Inc

Ultra Series belongs to Tsuburaya Productions

Programs Used MS Paint and GIMP

Artwork by :iconanimeartist154ever: 
Yoshiki and Ayumi in Sonic Style
Here's Ayumi and Yoshiki in a improved Sonic Style I drew that back in November and I liked how I improved the style so well as well as the light and shading on the characters

:iconshinozaki-ayumi: and :iconyoshiki-kishinuma: belongs to Team Gris Gris

Programs Used MS Paint and GIMP

Artwork by :iconanimeartist154ever:

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(Hey there Wanna rp about Ladybug & Cat Noir . But in this rp , which is the aftermath of an episode I came up with, where I discovered a phantom ruby prototype, It was left when Omega Infinite “My Villain form” was Defeated, when I picked it up , I saw a flashback of the Collecter realizing Hawk Moth was Gabriel Agreste A.K.A Adrien’s dad the whole time , and also saw another flashback that Gabriel misses his long lost wife and yet another flashback where He Akumatized Markov, A robot Max has. I heard that if hawk Moth had the ladybug miraculous and the cat miraculous, he’ll be able to grant himself a wish. I thought Hawk Moth’s wish was bringing back his beloved wife. Suddenly Gabriel’s wife appears right out the phantom ruby, the ruby must have activated when I picked it up. After bringing her back to Gabriel, Gabriel was happy that his wife is back. And I then tell him that she came out of a Phantom Ruby Prototype.but it appears that it was a real Phantom Ruby. I also told him I found that he was Hawk Moth , and I thought that bringing his wife back would be a great way that Hawk Moth will become a good guy, and the previous Villains were reformed but are now superheroes. And some parts of their names changed: such as Guitar Villain to Guitar Hero, Evilustrator to Justice-strator, Darkblade to Lightblade, Dark Cupid to Splendid Cupid,&  Antibug to LuckyBug. I had became Omega Infinite but as a hero, saving Paris from a group of Villains: Dr. Cortex, Uka Uka , Hessonite from Steven universe save the light, big Cheif Tiny Head, Sweet Tooth, Biggie Diddles III , Dr Strangeglove, Lord Buisness, Joker from the LEGO Batman Movie, and Lord Garmadon from the LEGO ninjago Movie.)
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